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‘how to adult’ sessions


Hey girl! Do you frequently find yourself saying, “I need an adult”? Same. Well, until I did a bunch of stuff and learned a whole lot and here I am now! Let me give you a little run down of why I can help you learn to adult. I graduated from Smyrna High School in 2013, and then went to the University of Delaware for my Associates degree, I graduated there in 2015. I was in the “SEED” program, which means that I was on a Delaware Technical Community College campus in Dover instead of at the UD campus in Newark. There, I was able to hold off on choosing a major until I knew exactly what I wanted to do. After changing my mind a couple times, I landed on communications! That led me to Wilmington University where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in 2016 in half the time it normally takes. From there, I decided to become certified as a Wedding & Event Planner through Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute which gave me the opportunity to work with David Tutera himself! After that, I was inspired to create Senner of Attention, which has been my baby since 2016. All the while I was working places like Rita’s Water Ice, McDonald’s, a used car dealership, a laser hair removal place, a hair salon, and now a leasing office in Dover! I also recently got my license as a real estate agent. While all of this on paper makes it look like I’m an absolute NUT CASE (which I haven’t completely ruled out), in real life skills and knowledge this translates to a whole lot of real life stuff! I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, and can teach you tons of helpful info about FAFSA, student loans, budgeting, what schools in the area offer what majors, help you know how to write a great e-mail, how to write a bomb resume, social media tips, how to create an effective marketing plan, and MUCH more! I promise I won’t let you leave our session feeling like you still need an adult. ;)

In your PERSONALIZED “How to Adult” Session, you’ll get all kinds of goodies like some Bold Co Girl Merch, a workbook, and tons of personalized info and help! Sessions start at $100.

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